This was the second time I've taken my 1997 Pathfinder to Lake City Auto for repair. Just like last time, they did a great job at a fair price. I took my vehicle in for a brake job and to have a transmission bypass hose installed. I had been told by Lake City on my first service there that this was necessary to keep coolant from getting into the transmission from the radiator. When I got there yesterday Jason, my service technician, told me that they researched my year vehicle and determined that I didn't need the bypass hose installed. That is what I call honesty!!! I know some shops would have installed the part unnecisarrily. I will continue to take my vehicles to Lake City Auto Care because I know I will be treated honestly and get what I pay for.


By far the best transmission re-builders in North Idaho! Ben and the crew are always able and willing to help us out. Thanks!


I took my old worn out Toyota Pickup with 230,000 plus miles on it into them. They treated it like a new vehicle. They got everything that I wanted fixed up on it. It runs better than ever than before and now I drive it every day to work. They rebuilt my transmission and put in a clutch. Also the brakes were worn out so they fixed those also. It now stops so much better. My truck has never ran so good since I've owned it. These guys did a great job and found things I didn't even know were wrong. They called me and asked for my approval before doing the work on items that they found wrong. It's a great place to take your vehicle to get repairs done because they do it right.


Auto work can be expensive and my visit was no different. But when I got the bill I knew every cent paid for the kind of TLC I expect to keep my truck running great for many years to come. Great front desk service and the mechanics in the back itemized the work needing attention in the near future with estimates so I can start budgeting. I highly recommend LCA!


I like working with these guys. Things get done quickly with very little hassle.


I was informed by another auto repair company that my car was smoking because the engine was worn out and needed major repair. Lake City Auto Care conducted an inspection of my car and found the engine was in good condition, but needed to be cleaned and serviced. They performed a service to clean the inside of the engine and fuel system. My car runs great again. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Lake City Auto Care to service your vehicles.


Once again, I went back for more repairs. I’ve never had an auto repair shop take care of me like Ben and the guys at Lake City Auto Repair. I like them and trust them so much, I’m going back again in a month for more repairs that I want to stay on top of. If I could give this business 10 stars on a review I would. Five is the best and they get Five from me. I highly recommend this repair shop.


Car doesn't run any better in my opinion.


Great & quick service!!


Great work! They dropped me off at my work then picked me up when the vehicle was ready. The price was fair and the work was timely and solid! Not to mention that the customer experience was 5 star. Jason kept me up to date and gave me timely estimates. It is nice to have a business follow through. Thanks again!