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When you call for a transmission service, do you know what you are actually getting?  Listed below are some of the most popular transmission services found at most auto repair shops, lube centers etc. found.  It is important to note that not all transmission services are equal.

"Pan drop"  This particular service consists of removing the transmission pan from the bottom of the transmission, and usually changing the transmission filter.  These are common amongst general repair shops, but unfortunately leave up to 60% of the old fluid inside the transmission lines, torque converter, valve body and orifices, etc.  Nothing wrong with doing it this way if you don't mind leaving 50% or more of the old fluid inside your transmission.

"Cooler line flush"  Popular amongst dealerships, and quick lube centers.  They or course are just trying to maximize profit, and do the job as quickly as possible.  This involves hooking up a machine to the transmission cooler lines and running fresh fluid throughout the system and removing all the old fluid.  Better than the pan drop method, marginly, however your old filter is left inside and the pan has not been inspected, cleaned and magnet cleaned off.

Our way.  Here is the correct method for servicing a transmission.  

1) Drop the pan. 

2) Remove the filter

3) Inspect pan and magnet for excessive metal debris. 

4) Clean pan THOROUGHLY (in our hot water spray cabinet).  Flush transmission only using the power of the transmission pump, via the filter pickup, using synthetic fluid.  

5) Install new filter(s).

6) Install pan, and new pan gasket where applicable.

7) Refill transmission with full synthetic fluid.

This way takes longer than the more common methods above for sure, but it is the right way to do it.  

Your transmission is an expensive component, service it correctly. 


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